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Our company had been developing an award-winning cloud-based software application that creates impact and our work had been awarded at Red Herring Asia 100 in 2010, Asia Mobile Learning & Edutainment Initiatives 2010, and World Entrepreneurship Forum 2011.

1. OpenHeart - in 2012, we have been invited by a few charity organisations to consider developing various volunteers, charity fund raising event systems and in Nov, we have commercially offer a disruptive innovation product called Open Heart Mobile Silent Auction System ( We have since helped raised over HK$10,000,000 and over 20 charitiy organisations to reach higher fund raising target.

To know more about OpenHeart services, please click this link to download a copy of the leaflet or call 21357178 to inquire.

2. OpenClass - Originally named after our original research framework, the name ClassBooking was chosen to become the operating site as a software-as-a-service that handles tuition, events and activities management for small-medium size Learning Centers, Education Centers, Tutors companies and Non-Profit Organisations. The commercial service is launched in Hong Kong through extensive alpha, beta trials and many iterations of co-creation with our customer groups. The service had been relaunched with a new brand called OpenClass.

OpenClass have helped many organisations to handle complex customer information relationships amongst Learning Centers, Parents, Students/Participants, Volunteers,Tutors & Instructors. The business model is backed by research by our company in collaboration with HK PolyU's KMRC based on a framework called Heterogenous E-Learning Portal (HELP). Click this link to see further details. Ranking of this website which is both a search and review website and a class / event management platform has been around Top 1000 - 3000 sites in HK, and probably top 5 in its category. As the management system used by the organisations, subscription fee is charged and average consumers like parents/tutors can use it for free to search/book classes at ; we offer our services FREE to Non-Profit Organisations as part of our social mission. Recommend us to a charity, do them a favour and help them save time with our system.



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